WHERE DID I GROW UP?  I was lucky to grow up in Ticonderoga, a paper mill town in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.  In the winter, we skated on the lakes, raced our sleds, and built igloos.  My high school class had only 33 students, so every one of us felt special.  Now, I live most of the year in Corvallis, Oregon, where I was a mom to two daughters and a Camp Fire leader for twelve years.  My granddaughter's name is Sierra.  After she and I built a solar oven, we baked snickerdoodles in it.  During the rainy winter, we live in the sunshine of Tucson, Arizona. 

AM I A TEACHER?  Yes, I am!  I teach creative writing classes to grown-ups.  Also, I lead workshops for kids in the schools and for adults at writers' conferences.  In summer of 2013 I taught  wonderful students who were writing stories about their own lives -- memoir. 

DO I SKYPE?  WHEE, indeed I do.  E-mail me to set up a time when I can meet with a class of students, ages 8-12.  I'll answer writing questions, lead a workshop, show off my dog. 

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Here I am playing my little harp. 

I wrote an essay about learning to play the Celtic harp and called it "UNSTRUNG," because that's the way I feel sometimes when I play.  Lucky for me and for anyone listening, a harp makes beautiful sounds even when I'm the one playing it.

This year, I have gone back to playing pieces in the beginner book.  I must be getting better, because this time I can actually play them! 

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