Just out, March of 2014.

My GREAT IDEA for summer vacation was to organize a backyard talent show.  How could I have known that my dog Lucy would forget her one amazing trick?  That my friend Sierra would get such stage fright?  Or that Claire would flip out about getting a new brother?  Worst of all, was when we learned Alex’s terrible secret...

Here is the fourth book in the Katie Jordan series that began with Turkey Monster Thanksgiving and continued with Tails of Spring Break and Bittersweet Summer.  

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Children's Books

Anne Warren Smith


One GREAT  idea after another. 

Whether it's planning the perfect Thanksgiving, or starting a petsitting business during Spring Break, or convincing Claire that the wonderful Ms. Morgan should not be Claire's new  mother, Katie's always got a plan.  Each book stands on its own. 

Humor, mother-daughter relationships, single-dad families, Dramas of everyday fourth-grade life. 

Praise for Katie Jordan books: 

For Turkey Monster Thanksgiving:

"Deft touches of humor," School Library Journal

For Tails of Spring Break: 

"Fun to read. . . the action never lags."  School Library Journal

For Bittersweet Summer:

"The author handles the new realities of modern families with a skillful mix of candor and gentle humor.  Emotionally resonant and fresh, this is an engaging choice for readers with a penchant for realistic fiction."  School Library Journal. 

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